Activate Document handling function for posted journals

This article describes how to active the document handling function for posted journal in Dynamics AX 2012.

By default, the document handling function is not available once a journal has been posted. But you can activate this function per table.

Navigation: Organisation administration > Setup > Document management > Active document table


  • Click Update to create the table id.


  • Select the table where you want to activate the document handling.
  • Example – GL journals: Ledger journal table & Journal lines.


  • Close the form.
  • You can now attach a document to a posted journal.

Note: this setup is allowing adding/edit/delete notes for all journals. You will need to secure the Edit/Delete actions by updating the security role of the users.


Add an Attachment

Dynamics AX has a method of handling notes and documents attached to various items. Attachments functionality is available in all transactions forms: Customer, Vendor, Invoices, Journals, Purchase requisition, …

Add a note

You can use the note attachment to add a comment to a transaction.

  • Open the form.
  • Place your mouse in the section you want to add a note (header or line).
  • Click on the Attachments button.


The Attachment button is also available from the status bar.


  • Document handling form opens.
  • Click on New.
  • Select Note.


  • Enter a title in the Description field.
  • Select the Restriction:
    • External to print the note on the document (for purchase order, free text invoice for example).
    • Internal: to use the note in AX only (the note will not be printed in a document).


  • In the bottom area, enter the text.
  • Click on Close.

Attach a File

  • Open the form and place your mouse in the section you want to add a note (header or line).
  • Click on the Attachment button. The Document handling form opens.
  • Click on New and select File (or a file type for a specific module).


  • The Attach file form opens.
  • Select the file to attach to the transaction.
  • A new line is created and the Attached box is ticked.
  • Click on Close.

View Notes or documents attached

When a note/document has been attached to a transaction, the Attachments button is highlighted.

In a grid view:


Or in a journal view


If the attachment button is not highlighted, go to File > Tools > Options > General fast tab, under the Miscellaneous section, tick Show attachment status.

  • Click on the Attachments button to open the form.
  • If the attachment is a file, click on Open to open the file.


  • Or click on Show file to preview the file in the Note area.



For some type of file, the preview option may not render a preview-able image. The attahchment can be opened, it is  just not visible via the preview.

Lock the attachment view

The Document handling form always lists the documents that are attached to the selected record. If you leave the Document handling form open and you select another record, the form is updated to list the documents that are attached to the newly opened record.

To avoid updating the Attachment form when you select a different record, you can lock the view so that the information in the form doesn’t change.

To lock the Document handling form view:

  • Select a record.
  • Click on Attachments.
  • Click on Functions.
  • Select Lock.
  • Select another record. The documents for the locked record are still displayed in the Document handling form.



Accruals scheme description setup

This article describes how to setup the description for the ledger accrual transactions in Dynamics Ax 2012.

Access: GL> Setup > posting > Accrual schemes

  • If description is blank, accruals transactions will have the description from the journal.
  • If description is populated, this description will be defaulted in all accruals transactions


Option A:


  • GL > Journals > General Ledger
  • Description in the line


  • Function > Ledger accruals
  • Click on transactions
  • Description from the line is defaulted


Option B:

  • Description is populated in the accrual scheme setup


  • GL > Journals > General Ledger
  • Description in the line


  • Function > Ledger accruals
  • Click on transactions
  • Description from the setup is populated



Positions mass update

This article describes how to mass update the positions records. We used the DIEF to import all the positions, but the retirement date was populated, due to the time difference. Therefore this mass update functionality was really handy. Special thanks to David for this tip 🙂

Access: Human resources/Common/Organisation/Positions/Positions

  • Select several position or all positions
  • Click on Mass update


  • In the Mass update form, select the field to update.


  • To update the position retirement date, go to the Position duration tab.
  • Enter 01/01/2155 (+ time zone) to remove a position retirement date.



  • To update the report to position, go to the Relationships tab.


  • Click on Update.


Create an auto-report

Auto-reports are preconfigured reports that you can generate in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. You can create and save a custom auto-report that can be reused later.

For example, I want to print all the closed transactions with the settlement reference for the main account 471000.

Access to the form: General Ledger > Common > Main account > select the main account and click “Posted”

Create an Auto-report

Access: from a Microsoft Dynamics form, click File > Print > Print


Click Modify > New


The Auto-report wizard is open


  • Click “Next”
  • Enter a name for the report


  • Click “Next”
  • Select the fields you want to display
  • And unselect the field you do not need
  • You can order the column (within the section) with the buttons Up and Down


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Purchase requisition workflow: Approval by the Project Manager

This article describes how to set up in the purchase requisition workflow the approval element done by the project manager.

1/ Create a workflow Participant

Access: Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Policies > Purchase requisitions expenditure reviewers

  • Click “New” to create a new expenditure reviewer
  • Select the company
  • Select “Project Manager”


2/ Setup the workflow

Access: Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Procurement and sourcing workflow

In the workflow, line or header level, add a condition element to check if there is a project populated in the purchase requisition:


  • Click “Properties”
  • Enter a new title
  • Select the condition:


Add a new approval element



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Dynamics Excel Add-In

This article presents an example of the Excel Add In utility in Dynamics AX 2012

Step 1: Identify the table in Dynamics AX

  • Open the table you want to use in Excel Add In
  • Right click > Personalize


  • Note the table name


Step 2: Import the table in Excel

  • Open Excel and go to the Dynamics AX tab
  • Click “Connexion”
  • Select the company


  • Click “Add data”
  • Select “Add table”


  • Retreive the table and add it to the Selected table area


  • Select option “Create worksheets”
  • Click “OK”


  • Table is open in Excel:
  • Key fields are automatically selected



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