I am a consultant specialized in Dynamics AX financial area. And I will try to share with you some of my knowledge. I hope it will help you.  Feel free to post a message on my blog site if you have any question or you can contact me, I will try to answer.

You can refer here to know more about my professional career : LinkedIn




Thank you it is very useful once again thanks – srikanth


Your articles are brilliant and absolutely something that is so necessary and so rare – Subash Raman


Nice blog. Keep it up! – ifarhansyed


Really very resourceful material and link. Thanks a lot dude!!! – Avinash S M



11 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Violaine,

    This is very useful Material and link. Can u share Letter of credit and Bill of Exchange functionality.

    • Hello Abila,
      I have written several articles about BOE (Go to the Accounts receivable page). Tell me if you don’t find what your looking about BOE.
      I will see to post something about the Letter of Credit functionality.

  2. Hello Violaine,

    I read your Finance material and its truelly amazing. Thank you for sharing such a useful material to all.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. I’ve been searching for Ax functional Blogs from almost 2 months Continuously.. after all i found your blog really it was very helpful for me..

    Hope U’ll clear My doubts In future.


  4. Hai Violaine, This is PARAMESH. everything you posted in Your blog except Multi Currency.. Can u plz explain about Multi currency in your Blog like all the posts.


  5. Hi Violaine
    I wonder if you could help; I am trying to setup a requisition workflow that uses the hierarchy but also uses limits and I have found that it always seems to ignore the limits and send the approval to the “manager” of the requestor.
    I have found your “Add signing policy to a workflow hierarchy” blog, but I question the screenshot under the ““Stop when the following condition is met”: Select Employee Approval Limit” section as it is comparing to itself. I have tried using this logic but when I submit a requisition the workflow fails with an (undefined) error. if I remove the comparison it proceeds.
    If this is correct could you please tell me what purpose it has.



  6. Hi Violaine,

    Fantastic work on the articles. The excel addins one was great, I used it to import FA posting profiles which can be an absolute pain to get in. Could I request a guide on FIFO and Standard Costing and also Production postings?

    Thanks look forward to more articles


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