Task recorder – Basic mode

This article describe how to use the new version of the tax recorder in Dynamics AX 2012 in basic mode.

The task recorder has two modes:

  • Basic mode: This mode generates a Word document and a video recording of the selected business processes in a predefined shared folder.
  • Advanced mode: Use this mode to record, upload, and share your business processes to Business process modeler in Lifecycle Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Advanced mode can generate a package file that can be uploaded to Business process modeler. The package file contains hierarchy, process, and Application Object Tree (AOT) metadata, and also task documents and videos.

Access to task recorder tool: File > Tools > Task recorder


Go to Settings > Parameters

  • Select the file path for recording the documents generated
  • Select the Template to use for the word documents


When you use the task recorder in the basic mode, the setup can be done per default the first time you click on “Start”:


Use task recorder

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