Vendor payment journals

This article describes how to use the payment journal in the accounts payable module of Dynamics AX 2012. There are several options to do the payment flow:

  • Option A – payment journal and settlement function: to create payments for one vendor
  • Option B – payment journal and payment proposal: to create payments for several vendors in one journal

Option A: payment journal and settlement function


Access: AP > Journal > Payments > Payment journal

  • Create a new journal : click on new.
  • Select a journal name.


  • Click on “Lines”
  • In the field “Account’ select the vendor account.
  • Click on Function> Settlement



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Create one invoice for two purchase orders

This article describes how to create 1 invoice for 2 purchase orders in Dynamics AX 2012.

Option A: Consolidate invoice

For example, I have 2 PO from the vendor “Outdoors”, but he sent me only one invoice.

  • PO000038: Qty = 10 / Price = 1200 / Sales tax = 235,2 / Total = 1435,2
  • PO000037: Qty = 8 / Price = 960 / Sales tax = 188,16 / Total = 1148,16


Access: AP > Common > Purchase order > All purchase orders

  • Select the two PO
  • And go to the Invoice tab, button “invoice”


  • In the invoice form, enter the number of the invoice (the same number for the two PO).


  • Click on “Consolidate invoice” and select an option (Invoice account for this example).


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Vendor invoice from purchase order

This articles describes how to invoice a purchase order from the Account Payables module in Dynamics AX 2012.

The 3 main steps of the purchase flow are the purchase order, the product receipt and the invoice. You can have more steps, depends of the flow of your company.


1/ Purchase order

Access: AP > Common > Purchases Order > All purchases order

  • Click on New purchase order
  • Select a vendor
  • Transfer vendor information : select “Yes”
  • Check the information, complete if necessary and click on “OK”


  • In the Line view,
  • Select an item and enter a quantity and price,
  • Enter other information you need n the “Line details” tab.


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Setup Document management

This article describes how to setup document type in Dynamics AX 2012 and how to transfer data stored in Dynamics AX tables into documents of different types like Word, Excel… You can use document type if you have to export data from an invoice, journal or other form into a document with standard text. To illustrate the setup, I will create a word document, linked to the free text invoice.

1/ Prerequisites

User setup

Access: Files > Tools > Options > General tab

  • Go to the user option to allow the use of document handling: select “Document handling active”
  • Select “Show attachment status”  to highlight the “Attachment button when a document is attached to the record (invoice, journal, …)



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Vendor prepayment journal

This article describes how to create a prepayment for a vendor from a payment journal. You can also choose to do the prepayment from the purchase order, in this case go to this article: vendor prepayment.

The creation of  a prepayment from a payment journal is done in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Create the payment journal for the prepayment,
  • Step 2: Post the vendor invoice,
  • Step 3: Link the prepayment to the invoice,

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