Vendor prepayment journal : accounting schema

This article describes the accounting schema for the vendor prepayment journal flow in Dynamics AX 2012.

If you want a description of the functionality, go to this article : vendor prepayment journal.

Data for the example:

  • prepayment without sales taxes : 150
  • Prepayment sales taxes : 24,58
  • Invoice – Charge account : 550
  • Invoice – Sales taxes : 107,8
  • Total invoice to pay : 657,8

Remark: the first step is the prepayment journal because there is no accounting for the purchase order. In this example, there is no inventory accounting for the product receipt.

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Vendor prepayment journal

This article describes how to create a prepayment for a vendor from a payment journal. You can also choose to do the prepayment from the purchase order, in this case go to this article: vendor prepayment.

The creation of  a prepayment from a payment journal is done in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Create the payment journal for the prepayment,
  • Step 2: Post the vendor invoice,
  • Step 3: Link the prepayment to the invoice,

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