Ledger settlement

This article describes how to use the ledger settlement functionality in Dynamics AX 2012.

The ledger account settlement is mostly used with clearing account, accrual account or temporary account. The settlement between debit and credit transactions in an account allows to identify the unsettled transactions and make easier the analysis and the justification of the account. This task is generally done by accountant during the monthly closing, but it will be easier to do it at the end of a daily process.

1. Settle transactions between ledger accounts

Access: General Ledger > Periodic > Ledger settlements

  • Use the upper pan to select a transaction to settle.
  • Press CTRL+G to create filters across all columns that you can filter on the grid.


  • Enter one or several criteria to find the transactions to settle.
  • Select one a severl lines to settle and click on “Include”




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