Fixed assets transactions: depreciation

This article describes the fixed assets depreciation transactions in Dynamics AX 2012.

1/ Depreciation with accounting

To do a depreciation with accounting, you need to use a fixed asset journals. You can post depreciation only for fixed assets with the status “Acquired”.

1.1/ Option A: Record depreciation manually

Access: FA > Journals > Fixed Asset

This option is useful if you have few depreciation transactions to enter.

  • Create a new journal and go to the line form.
  • Create a line with transaction type = Depreciation
  • Enter a description and the amount of the depreciation.
  • The value model and the offset account are linked to the setup of the fixed asset.


  • Post the journal
  • Go to Common > Fixed assets > Fixed assets > Value models > Tab Depreciation
  • The fixed asset is updated


1.2/ Option B: Use depreciation proposal

Access: FA > Journals > Fixed Asset

This option is useful when you want to record all the depreciation transactions in only one step, for example, all the depreciation transaction of the month or all the depreciation for a group.

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