Create a processing group for positions with the DIEF

This article describes how to create a processing group to import positions with the DIEF in Dynamics AX 2012


Access: Human Resources > Common > Organization > Positions > Positions

I need to import:

  • Position
  • Description
  • Report to position
  • Assignment date


Note: The “Report to position” in the DIEF is created via the Relationship. That why you need to setup to fields with value Hierarchy name+Position Id


Setup the Processing group – Option CSV file

Access: Data Import Export Framework > Common > Processing group

  • Click “New” and enter a name and a description


  • Click “Entities”
  • Select Entity = Positions
  • Format = CSV
  • Select the two options


  • Click “Generate source file”: the wizard form is open
  • Click “Next”
  • Select the fields below
    • Position = Position Id
    • Description = Description
    • Report to position = HcmPositionHierechy_ParentPositionId and HcmPositionHiearchyType_Name
    • Assignment date = HcmPositionDuration_ValidFrom



  • Click “Generate sample file”

A csv file is open and contains all the fields selected above


  • Click “Finish”


  • Complete the file with all the positions you want to import and add the path to the processing group.


  • Click “Generate source mapping”


  • Click “Validate”

The processing group is now created and can be use to import data.

Remark: If the report to position refer to positions include in the same file, you will need to import twice the file:

  • First round to create all positions
  • Second round to assign the report to position

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