Setup a workflow based on worker hierarchy

This article describes how to setup a workflow based on a hierarchy in Dynamics AX 2012. Example of the hierarchy I want to use in my workflow for GL journals:

  • If Accountant 1 create a journal, Senior accountant A has to approve the journal before the posting.
  • If Accountant 2 or Accountant 3 create a journal, Senior Accountant B has to approve the journal before the posting
  • If Senior Accountant A or senior Accountant B create a journal, the Finance Manager has to approve the journal before posting.
  • if the Finance manager create a journal, it is automatically approved


Create the hierarchy in Dynamics AX

To setup the hierarchy, we need to create a position and a job for each worker. The job can be used for the level of the position in the company, but to to be able to use the hierarchy in the workflow the position must be unique for a worker.

Step 1: Create a job

Access: Human resources > Common > Organization > Jobs

  • Click New to create a job
  • Enter a Jobs code
  • Enter a description


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Ledger settlement

This article describes how to use the ledger settlement functionality in Dynamics AX 2012.

The ledger account settlement is mostly used with clearing account, accrual account or temporary account. The settlement between debit and credit transactions in an account allows to identify the unsettled transactions and make easier the analysis and the justification of the account. This task is generally done by accountant during the monthly closing, but it will be easier to do it at the end of a daily process.

1. Settle transactions between ledger accounts

Access: General Ledger > Periodic > Ledger settlements

  • Use the upper pan to select a transaction to settle.
  • Press CTRL+G to create filters across all columns that you can filter on the grid.


  • Enter one or several criteria to find the transactions to settle.
  • Select one a severl lines to settle and click on “Include”




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Setup Document management

This article describes how to setup document type in Dynamics AX 2012 and how to transfer data stored in Dynamics AX tables into documents of different types like Word, Excel… You can use document type if you have to export data from an invoice, journal or other form into a document with standard text. To illustrate the setup, I will create a word document, linked to the free text invoice.

1/ Prerequisites

User setup

Access: Files > Tools > Options > General tab

  • Go to the user option to allow the use of document handling: select “Document handling active”
  • Select “Show attachment status”  to highlight the “Attachment button when a document is attached to the record (invoice, journal, …)



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General journals with template

This article describes how to use general journal templates in Dynamics AX 2012. There are several options avaiable in Dynamics AX to help you to record journal lines. You can choose the one that is the more suitable to your needs.

The options are: Voucher template, Allocation rules, Periodic journal and Accrual Schema.


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Setup Accrual schemes

This article describes how to setup and use accrual schemes in Dynamics AX 2012. Ledger accruals redistribute the costs or revenues of a journal line so that the costs and revenues are recognized in the appropriate periods. In the first step, you enter the invoice in a temporary account (or a prepaid account). And when you use the accrual scheme functionality, the temporary account is reversed to be allocated in the charge or product account in each appropriate periods. To illustrate this functionality, I will use two examples, one with a vendor invoice and one with a customer invoice:

  • Example 1: I receive a rent invoice from a vendor for the next quarter. Total amount of the invoice is $300. If I enter directly the amount, all the charge are going to be allocated for the same period. But I want to allocate each third in the good period.
  • Example 2: I send a rent invoice to a customer for the next quarter. Total amount of the invoice is $300. If I enter directly the amount, all the product is going to be allocated for the same period. But I want to allocate each third in the good period.

1/ Setup accrual schemes

Access: GL > Setup > Posting > Accrual schemes

  • Click New to create an accrual scheme.
  • Enter an accrual identification and a description of the scheme


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Setup Ledger allocation rule

This article describes how to setup and use ledger allocation rules in Dynamics AX 2012. This functionality can be used to allocate a global amount in several combinations of account/financial dimensions. The key of the repartition can be fixed or linked to another account. In an allocation rule, there are several components:

  • the source: select the account/dimension you want to allocate. The total of the amount from all the journals will be the base of the allocation.
  • the destination: select all the combinations of account/dimensions that will receive an amount.
  • the rule: select the way of calculation of the allocation. It can be fixed (enter directly a percentage) or variable (with a linked to another account for example).


The allocation rule, can be setup with several methods:

  • Option A: Basis allocation method
  • Option B: Fixed percentage method
  • Option C: Fixed weight
  • Option D: Distribute the source document amount equally.

To illustrate this Dynamics AX functionality, I will use an example: the accountant want to allocate the amount of the insurance of the budget “004” into 3 different budgets. The amount of the insurance to allocate is in the account 616000-004.

  • Option A: the allocation rule is based on the amount of the property rental (account 613200) for each budget.
  • Option B: the allocation rule is based on a fixe percentage: 10%for budget 001, 35% for budget 002 and 55% for budget 003.

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