How to browse table in D365

In the previous versions, we were able to browse table just open AOT and access table. With D365 this option is not possible anymore, but I found a tool easy to install that allow us to browse table, it is the Chrome Table Browser Caller for D365FO.

It is currently available for the Chrome browser only. Download it from here:

Once the tool has been activated, open the tool:

Go to the Config tab

Click on the Add a new entry symbol (+)

Enter your URL and then Save (click on the save symbol)

Go back to the Table browser Caller tab. Enter the table name for which you want to view data and then click the loop icon to open the table.

This will open a new browser tab and display the data for the selected table:

Alternatively, if you don’t know the table name, you can click on the Table List icon and select a table that way.

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