Settle customer transactions with payment

This articles describes how to settle manually a customer transaction with a payment in Dynamics AX 2012

1/ Customer settlement

Access: Accounts receivable > Common > Customers > All customers

If a payment was entered and posted, but not yet settled with an invoice or other transaction, you can settle the payment and invoice by opening the Settle open transactions form from the Customers forms.

  • Select the customer/vendor whose open transactions you want to settle.
  • Go to the Collect tab and click “Settle open transactions”


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Customer payment journal

This article describes how to use the payment journal in the accounts receivable module of Dynamics AX 2012. There are several options to do the payment flow:

  • Option A: payment journal and Enter customer payments form.
  • Option B: payment journal and settlement function.
  • Option C: payment journal and payment proposal.
  • Option D: payment journal and posting in Payments Transfers form.

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Setup bills of exchange

This article describes the setup needed to use the bill of exchange functionality in Dynamics AX 2012. A bill of exchange is an electronic order from a customer specifying that another party, the bank, should pay a stated amount to the company. To use this functionality, you must:

  • Create several specific journal name,
  • Setup a customer posting profile for the BOE flow,
  • Update AR parameters,
  • Create a method of payment,
  • Setup the layout in the bank account (if needed).

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