Bills of exchange: transaction with acceptance

This article describes how to use the BOE journals in Dynamics AX 2012, for the flow with a bill with acceptance :

  • Step 1: Create the BOE with the “Draw BOE journals” and sent the file.
  • Step 2: Customer approve the BOE.
  • Step 3: Remit the BOE to the bank with the “Remittance journal”.
  • Step 4: Settle the payment with the “Settle bill of exchange journal”.

Bill of exchange schema:


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Bill of exchange: accounting schema

This articles describes the accounting schemas of the bill of exchange flow in Dynamcis AX 2012. You can refer to other articles to have details about the setup or the functionality.

1/ Draw BOE

  • Debit: Summary account from the customer posting profile link to the “Bill of exchange” in AR parameters (413000).
  • Credit: Summary account from the customer posting profile selected in the invoice (411000).

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Setup bills of exchange

This article describes the setup needed to use the bill of exchange functionality in Dynamics AX 2012. A bill of exchange is an electronic order from a customer specifying that another party, the bank, should pay a stated amount to the company. To use this functionality, you must:

  • Create several specific journal name,
  • Setup a customer posting profile for the BOE flow,
  • Update AR parameters,
  • Create a method of payment,
  • Setup the layout in the bank account (if needed).

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