General journals with template

This article describes how to use general journal templates in Dynamics AX 2012. There are several options avaiable in Dynamics AX to help you to record journal lines. You can choose the one that is the more suitable to your needs.

The options are: Voucher template, Allocation rules, Periodic journal and Accrual Schema.


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Setup Ledger allocation rule

This article describes how to setup and use ledger allocation rules in Dynamics AX 2012. This functionality can be used to allocate a global amount in several combinations of account/financial dimensions. The key of the repartition can be fixed or linked to another account. In an allocation rule, there are several components:

  • the source: select the account/dimension you want to allocate. The total of the amount from all the journals will be the base of the allocation.
  • the destination: select all the combinations of account/dimensions that will receive an amount.
  • the rule: select the way of calculation of the allocation. It can be fixed (enter directly a percentage) or variable (with a linked to another account for example).


The allocation rule, can be setup with several methods:

  • Option A: Basis allocation method
  • Option B: Fixed percentage method
  • Option C: Fixed weight
  • Option D: Distribute the source document amount equally.

To illustrate this Dynamics AX functionality, I will use an example: the accountant want to allocate the amount of the insurance of the budget “004” into 3 different budgets. The amount of the insurance to allocate is in the account 616000-004.

  • Option A: the allocation rule is based on the amount of the property rental (account 613200) for each budget.
  • Option B: the allocation rule is based on a fixe percentage: 10%for budget 001, 35% for budget 002 and 55% for budget 003.

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