Setup a workflow based on worker hierarchy

This article describes how to setup a workflow based on a hierarchy in Dynamics AX 2012. Example of the hierarchy I want to use in my workflow for GL journals:

  • If Accountant 1 create a journal, Senior accountant A has to approve the journal before the posting.
  • If Accountant 2 or Accountant 3 create a journal, Senior Accountant B has to approve the journal before the posting
  • If Senior Accountant A or senior Accountant B create a journal, the Finance Manager has to approve the journal before posting.
  • if the Finance manager create a journal, it is automatically approved


Create the hierarchy in Dynamics AX

To setup the hierarchy, we need to create a position and a job for each worker. The job can be used for the level of the position in the company, but to to be able to use the hierarchy in the workflow the position must be unique for a worker.

Step 1: Create a job

Access: Human resources > Common > Organization > Jobs

  • Click New to create a job
  • Enter a Jobs code
  • Enter a description


For my example, I need to create 3 jobs:

  • Level 1 > Finance Manager
  • Level 2 > Senior Accountant
  • Level 3 > Accountant

Step2: Create positions

Access: Human resources > Common > Organization > Positions > Positions

To be able to use the hierarchy in the workflow, we need to create one position for one worker. For my example, I need to create:

  • FINMAN – Finance Manager
  • SENACC1 – Senior Accountant A / Report to FINMAN
  • SENACC2 – Senior Accountant B / Report to FINMAN
  • ACC1 – Accountant 1 / Report to SENACC1
  • ACC2 – Accountant 2 / Report to SENACC2
  • ACC3 – Accountant 3 / Report to SENACC2

Remark: you can use a manual sequence number to create your own position code

In Dynamics AX:

  • Click New to create a position
  • Enter the position code (if you use a manual sequence number)
  • Select a job
  • Enter a date of activation
  • Click Create positions


  • In hte details form, select the “Report to position”


Click “view in hierarchy” to see if your hierarchy is correct


Step 3: Link the workers with a position

Access: Human resources > Common > Workers > Workers

  • Select a worker
  • Click “Worker positions assignment”
  • Click “New” to add a position
  • Select the position
  • And click “Create position assignment”


In my example:

  • Anna is a senior account 1
  • Peter is accountant 1
  • Mary is the finance manager

You can go to Position hierarchy (HR > Common > Organization > Positions > Position hierarchy) and select the option “Show worker” to display the hierarchy with the worker point of view.


Remark: Positions in blue are not assign to a worker

Attention: Do not forget to link your worker with a AX user !


Setup the GL workflow

Access: General Ledge > Setup > General Ledger workflows

  • Click new to create a new workflow
  • Select the type “Ledger daily journal workflow”
  • Click “create workflow”


Step 1: Create the “approve daily journal”

  • Drag the element “Approve daily journal” in the middle of the workflow pan


  • Link the element to “start” and “end”


  • Select the element “Approve daily journal” and click property
  • In “basic settings”, update the name of the element
  • In “automatic actions”, we can add a condition, if workflow originator = finance manager, the workflow is automatically approved


  • In “Notifications” select when a notification must be send and enter a message
  • In the tab recipient, select workflow user and workflow originator. The originator of the workflow (for example the account who create a journal) will receive a notification when the journal is approved)


Step2: Define the assignment

  • Select the element and click Level down


  • Select step1 and click Properties


  • In “Basic settings”, enter the text for the submission instructions


  • In “Assignment”, tab Assignment type: select Hierarchy


  • In the tab Hierarchy selection: select “managerial hierarchy”
  • Start from: select “workflow originator”
  • Enter a stop when : in my example I only want 1 level of approval


  • In the tab Hierarchy option, this option is more useful when the assignment is link to a signing policy
    • Assign to all users retrieved: all the users retrieved have to approve
    • Assign only to last user retrieved: only the last person has to approve


  • In “condition”: select always run this step.


Step 3: Activate the workflow

  • Check that in the panel Error and warning, there is no message and save and activate the workflow


Step 4: Link the workflow to a journal

Access: General Leger > Setup > Journals > Journal names

  • Select the workflow in the daily journal


Use the workflow

Access: General Ledger > Journals > General ledger Journals

Example 1:

  • Peter – Accountant 1 create a new journal
  • Enter the lines and click validate to verify that the journal is ok
  • The “post” button is not available


  • Go back to the journal form
  • A yellow bar is available with a submit action
  • When the journal is Ok, click “Submit”
  • Enter a comment and click submit


  • Anna, the senior accountant A, receive a notification to approve the journal


  • Click “Got to origin” to review the journal
  • Anna click “Approve”


  • Peter, the accountant 1,  receive a notification.


  • He can now post the journal


  • Click action > View history to fallow the approval process


Example 2:

  • Anna (Senior Accountant A) create a journal


  • Mary (Finance manager) receive a notification and approve the journal



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