4 thoughts on “Configure account structures

  1. Note that the description on how to attach account structures to ledger accounts is correct for AX 2012 R1, but not to AX 2012 R2 and later.
    In these later versions structures are linked to accounts on the Ledger form, and no longer on the chart of account level.
    This gives you more flexibility, since you can use the same chart of accounts in several companies, and in each company have different dimension structures/rules attached to the chart.

  2. You suggest that “All the account to use for budgeting must be in the same structure”.
    When using budget control I agree, but I don’t se any constraints when creating budget register entries or budget plan based on budget planning setup.
    Do you see any constraints in regard to these two and will you explain your recommendation with only one account structure for P&L accounts used for budgetting?

  3. Hi

    I have a query in the account structure, for example same account number range but different dimension will be enable, for example 10000 to 12999 these are my account range, I have 5 dimension combinations, Location, Branches, Division, Sub Divisions & Department, so if I will select Division A then Sub Division & department will appear but if I will select B in Division dimension system will stop to me & not move to sub division & department…..

    Can you please help me
    Warm Regards


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