Ledger settlement

This article describes how to use the ledger settlement functionality in Dynamics AX 2012.

The ledger account settlement is mostly used with clearing account, accrual account or temporary account. The settlement between debit and credit transactions in an account allows to identify the unsettled transactions and make easier the analysis and the justification of the account. This task is generally done by accountant during the monthly closing, but it will be easier to do it at the end of a daily process.

1. Settle transactions between ledger accounts

Access: General Ledger > Periodic > Ledger settlements

  • Use the upper pan to select a transaction to settle.
  • Press CTRL+G to create filters across all columns that you can filter on the grid.


  • Enter one or several criteria to find the transactions to settle.
  • Select one a severl lines to settle and click on “Include”




  • If you want to unselect a line, click on “Exclude”


  • When the balance field shows “0.00”, you can settle the transactions.
  • Click on “Accept”


  • The transactions are settled, if you refresh the screen, they are not display any more.


2. Cancel a ledger settlement

Access: General Ledger > Common > Main Account

  • Select the main account you need to unsettle its transaction.
  • Click on “Posted” to display all the transactions posted.


  • Retrieve the transactions to unsettle.
  • If it is selected, clear the Show open only check box to display all transactions in the form.
  • If the transactions are settled, the button “Ledger settlements” become available.


  • Click on “Ledger settlements”
  • And “Cancel”



12 thoughts on “Ledger settlement

  1. Hi Violane,

    I have seen the same answer in many posts also . But still i am not clear about what is the importance of this ledger settlement and why we need to do this ?

    Example : i have an account and posted some transactions if the Debit amount is equal to credit amount against that account then the net balance is Zero , if debit amount is not equal to credit amount then balance is not Zero.

    I personally feel that there is no use of this functionality in AX. If i am wrong please correct me .

    So how and why we need to use the ledger settlement functionality ?

    • Hello Lally,
      The objective of this functionality is to help you to follow a transit or a temporary account. At the end of the month, if the balance is not zero, you need to know which transactions are not settled.
      For example, you have in your transit account 100 transactions, how you can know which one is not balanced ? If you settle your account every day, at the end of the month you will know exactly which transactions are still open.

  2. Very fine, but is there a way to automate this?
    For example the delivery note postings would need to be settled automatically upon posting the invoice to save a LOT of manual work….

    Does somebody have a solution for that?


  3. Hi,

    If I’ve wrongly settled several transactions during the same day, can I reverse this or do I need to reverse each transactions?

    • Hi Albert,

      As far as I know, you need to do it for each transaction. We just did a nice extension of the functionality to handle partial settlements too, but even there we didn’t plan for multiple reversals.

      By the way, does anyone know how to get the unsettled balance of a ledger account in AX2012?

      This functionality is still such a great candidate for enhancements…

      • Hi Albert,

        Nice to know that you have done an extension on this functionality. One of my customer was asking for it. Ho many days will it take to develop this partial settlements? does it have any impact on other functionalities.


  4. Hello – I have a case where opening balances from a my year-end closing are showing up in the Ledger Settlements window. Is this by design? Your thoughts on this please. Thank you.


  5. Hello – It seems that I am seeing the opening balances of my year-end close in this window. is this by design or what do I need to do? Your thoughts on this please. Thank you.



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