Setup General journal voucher template.

This article describes how to setup and use a voucher templates in a general ledger journal. In the general journal form, you can create and use voucher template. This functionality is helpful when you have to create several time the same journal lines.


1/ Create a voucher template

Access: GL > Journals > General journals

  • Select the general journal to save as a model.
  • Click on button Line.
  • Click on Function > Save voucher template


Remark: one voucher template = one voucher number. If you want to save an invoice with several lines, they must have the same voucher number.

  • Choose the option that is suitable to you :
    • “Amount”: If the amount of the model if the same for all general journals.
    • “Percent”: If the repartition between the financials dimensions or accounts should be divided by the percentage of the amount of the voucher.


Remark: you can not choose the name of your voucher template. But you can create a sequence number to use only for the general journal model (you don’t need to post the journal to save a template).

2/ Use a voucher template

Access: GL > Journals > General journals

  • Create a new journal
  • Click on Line
  • Click on Function > Select a voucher template


  • Option Amount : select the voucher template to use and click on OK.


  • Option Percent: select the voucher template to use, click on OK and enter the amount of the general journal


  • The general journal is created.
  • Update field if necessary and post the journal as a regular general journal.
    • Option Amount : same amount as in the model.


  • Option Percent : total amount 500 is distribute between the lines of the model



4 thoughts on “Setup General journal voucher template.

  1. Hi Violane ,

    You are doing a great Job , but my suggestion is explain the business scenerio also in which case we need to use the Voucher template functionality .

    • Hello Lally,
      I was already working on it. This article is just a part of a group of article about all template options we can use in Dynamics AX (voucher template, periodic journal, …).

      • HI Violaine, Could you tell me how to creat new deisign of General Journal voucher in Sage 2013 Accounting

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