AR: Bills of exchange transactions

This article describes how to use the BOE journals in Dynamics AX 2012, for the regular flow :

  • Step 1: Create the BOE with the “Draw BOE journals”.
  • Step 2: Remit the BOE to the bank with the “Remittance journal”.
  • Step 3: Settle the payment with the “Settle bill of exchange journal”.

Bill of exchange schema:


Before using the BOE journals, you need to do several setup. Go to the article “Setup bills of exchange” to have details about the prerequisites.

1/ Step 1: Create a bill of exchange

Access: AR > Journals > Bill of exchange > Draw bill of exchange journal

This step can be done automatically if the option is selected in the method of payment. In the other case, you must create manually the journal.

Option A: manual creation

  • Create a new journal.
  • Go to the line form.
  • Select the customer account.
  • Click on “Function > Settlement”


  • Select invoice to pay with the BOE


  • When you close the “Settle open transaction” form, the journal is automatically filled with the invoice informations.


    • Post the journal.
    • To check the accounting, click on Inquiries > Voucher.


Option B: Automatic creation

  • Select the method of payment (Automatic BOE).
  • When you post the invoice, AX create the payment journal.


  • Draw bill of exchange journal


2/ Step 2: Bank remittance

Access: AR > Journal > BOE > Remittance journal

This step is to be done when the bill of exchange is presented to the bank.

  • Create a new journal.
  • Go to the tab “BOE”  and select the bank account.
  • Select the option of the remittance : remit for collection or remit for discount.


  • Go to the lines
  • Option A: Enter the customer account and go to “functions > Settlement”.
  • Option B: Use the proposal functionality (better if you have several BOE to remit).


  • Click on Function > Generate remittance


  • The remittance is generated (export format depends of the method of payment setup)
  • The Payment statuts changes to “sent”.


  • Post the journal


3/ Step 3: Bill of exchange settlement

Access: AR > Journals > Bill of exchange > Settle bill of exchange journal

This step is to be done when the bank send the confirmation of the payment.

  • Create a new journal and go to the lines form.
  • Use the proposal functionality : select all BOE with status remitted.


  • Check and post the journal.


4/ Check BOE status

Access: AR > Inquiry > Bill of exchange>  Bill of exchange journal

  • Go to this form to check the status of the bill of exchange.



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