One or more accounting distribution is missing a ledger account

This post describes how to fix the issue when the error message ” One or more accounting distribution is missing a ledger account or contains a ledger account that is not valid. Use the accounting distribution form or the Posting profile to update the ledger account. ” appear in the purchase order confirmation.

1/ Error message

Access: Accounts Payable > Common > Purchase orders > All purchase order

  • Create a new Purchase order.
  • Select Item number and other informations.
  • Click on “Confirm”.
  • An error message appears.


This error message appears because one or several ledger accounts are missing in the setup. You have to fix the posting profile setup (for the next purchase orders) and the line of the purchase order.

2/ Correction in the purchase order

  • Go to the purchase order line
  • Click on Financials > Distribution amounts


  • You can see the the “Ledger account” field is empty. That is the origin of the error.


  • Enter the ledger account missing.
  • And close the accounting distribution form.


  • You can now confirm and post your purchase order.

Remark: you can also open the Accounting distribution form from the Purchase tab > View distributions. By this way, you can see all the lines (better option if you have several lines in your purchase order).


3/ Correction in the Posting profile form.

Access: Inventory & warehouse management > Setup > Posting > Posting

  • Go to the tab Purchase order
  • Check if all ledger accounts are setup.


  • In my case, the “Purchase expenditure for expense” was not filled for all item groups.



9 thoughts on “One or more accounting distribution is missing a ledger account

  1. Thank you for the post.

    Even i have configured all the accounts in the item posting still i am getting the error.

    So i click Purchase order – > Accounting distribution but the from is non editable and not allowing me to select the Ledger account as you said .

    What could be reason and how to resolve ?

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. Thank you for the post. I have a similar issue, just in my case the amount that is missing the main account is the Tax value. And in this case the ledger account is not editable. I have the VAT posting set, also the vendor and product. Where else would I need to set the posting profile so to not have this error.
    Thank you for the help.

  4. I have a similar issue but in the Product Receipt Form. The account distribution is actually showing in the PO financials accounting distributions but the field is blank in the product receipt\view distributions. the record is not editable and AX is not letting me cancel the receipt either. Any help\suggestions is much appreciated.

      • Hi Bella,

        I updated the record in SQL to enter the appropriate financial dimension.


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