General journal with approval workflow

This article describe how to use a general ledger journal with an approval workflow in Dynamcis AX2012.

When you active an approval workflow, the process of creating and validating accounting journals have more steps:


1/ User A: Create a journal & journal lines

Access: General Ledger > Journals > General journal

  • Create a new journal
  • Select a journal name. If the journal is setup with a workflow, a yellow information bar must appear on the top of the screen.
  • Enter a description.


  • Click on “Lines”
  • Enter data as a regular general journal.

2/ User A: Check journal: click on “Validate”

  • Click on “Validate” to check if the journal is OK.
  • Button “Post” and 1pproval” are not available.


3/ User A: Report journal as ready

  • Go back to the General journal screen (header of the journal)
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Enter a comment for the user B.


4/ User B: approve or reject the journal

  • The user B receive a notification : go to the list of work item or just click on the “notification” button in the bottom of the screen (bell).
  • The text of the notification depends on the setting. You can add several references to help the user B to find easily the journal to be approved.

Access: Home > Common > Work items > Work items assign to me


Or notification list:


  • Click on button “Go to origin” or go to the general journal screen
  • After checking the journal, clik on “Action” and approve (or reject) the journal


5/ User A: Post journal or correct it.

  • When the approval is completed, the user A receive a notification.


  • If the journal has been approved, the journal can be posted.
  • Click on Post > Post.


  • If the journal has been rejected, the journal can not be posted.
  • Click on “Lines” to update the journal.
  • Clicl on Action > Resubmit to send the journal to the User B.



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