Vendor invoice: Employee to approve

When you create a vendor invoice in Dynamics AX 2012, you need to specify an employee to approve the line. If you don’t, you will this error message “Employee to approve the line is not specified” and you can’t post the invoice.


Invoice journal

To fix this issue, you need to link an employee to your user account :

  • Access: System administration > Common > Users
  • Select your user.
  • Click on “Relation”
  • Add a new relation between your user and an employee.


  • Now, in the invoice journal, the field “Approved by” will be filled automatically


Invoice register

In the invoice register, you have to select an employee to approve the invoice. If there is no choice in your list, you need to create a new worker in your company.

  • Access: Human resource > Workers > Workers
  • Click on “Hire a new worker”
  • Create your new worker


  • Invoice register : the list should contain now your new worker.



5 thoughts on “Vendor invoice: Employee to approve

  1. Hi,

    Is there any way in which we can select a worker from a different legal entity. Our employees (workers) are setup and related to another company and we would not want to duplicate these in each legal entity.



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