Setup Workflow in GL module

This article describes how to setup a workflow approbation in GL module in Dynamics AX 2012. Look at the microsoft technet library to have other details about setup GL workflow :

1/ Introduction

A workflow is always setup on a workflow type. In General ledger, you can use workflow approvals for the following journal types:

  • Daily
  • Allocation
  • Elimination

2/ Prerequisit

You need to setup a sequence number for the workflow.

Access: System admnistration > Setup > System parameters


3/ Setup

  • Step 1 : Create a new workflow

Access: GL > Setup > GL Workflows > New


Select the workflow type and click on “Create workflow”. In this exemple, I chose “Ledger daily journal workflow”, but the setup is the same for other journals types.

  • Step 2 : Draw the workflow

The Workflow elements area of the workflow editor contains the elements that you can add to your workflow. Drag the elements that you want to use onto the canvas.


When you drow the workflow, you must link the object to the “start” and the “end”. To do this, drag the mouse between the two elements (from small squares at the edge of the frame).


  • Step 3: Define workflow general property

> Basic settings: select the workflow, and click on “Basic settings”. Update the name, select the user in charge of this workflow, and enter a text for the submission instruction.

  • The name is the title displayed in the Yellow bar, in the top of the journal
  • The Submission instructions are dispayed when you click on the “I” button, near the action button in the journal


> Activation: Enter a condition of activation if required. If the workflow must be active all the time, let this part blank.

(Remark this setup is more usefull for other workflow type, because in GL you attach a workflow directly to a journal)


> Notifications: Specify when a notification must be sent and define the message. You can add several references in the message by using “insert placeholder” button. And select users in the tab “Recipient”.


> Notes: You can add a comment about the workflow. You can use a note to comment all the change you make and reasons.


  • Step 4: Define element property

> Basic settings: Select the object to define and click on “Basic settings” and update the name.


> Automatic action : Create an automatic action to approve or reject automaticaly a workflow if the condition is true.

Example : a journal must be automatically approve if the total debit amount for the whole journal is less than $100.


> Notifications: Specify when a notification must be sent and define the message. You can add several references in the message by using “insert placeholder” button. And select users in the tab “Recipient”.


> Advanced settings: If required, you can specify a final approver, set a time limit, specify with action are available to the user and specify wheter users can act documents from the work list in Entreprise portal.


  • Step 5: Define element property of the level down

Select the workflow element and click on “Level down” button.


You can now update the step1 property.

> Basic Settings: Update the name of the step, and define the work item subject and the work item instructions.


> Assignment: Select the assignment type (participant, users, …) and in the other tab, assign users to this element workflow.


> Conditions: Add a condition to run this step if required.


  • Step 6: Error and warning

In the bottom of the screen, check if you have error message and correct them (double click on the message to open directly the window).

For example, in this case I need to setup a message and select user for the notifications sent when the workflow is terminated.


When there is no more error message, the workflow is completely setup. You can now test if it is working well (before, close your session and re-open it). Click on “Save and close” and choose “Activate the new version”.


  • Step 7: link journal and workflow

Access : GL > Setup > Journals > Journal names


4/ User option

Go to the user options, to setup the notification options.

Access: Files > Tools > Options



Go to general journal with workflow


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